Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanks for that...

Uh, hiya.

I guess October, uh, already told you what happened...

Gee. That's embarrassing. But everyone was...and then...and suddenly...then they...

I felt helpless, I uh..guess. Everyone's out there and I'm just seeing what happens through this computer screen.

October...I'm still at October's. She says she doesn't...want me living by myself. It's "not healthy to have that big of a place to live in to yourself, hun." She said. (She's...she's actually right behind me making sure I don't say anything, uh, bad about her. "I want to leave a good impression, and with the way you stutter it'll never happen" she says.)

So that' on my part. The last list update I had October put up...

I guess that' for now. Uh, yeah. So...


  1. You do realize that stuttering is a verbal thing, right? That doesn't need to be typed.

  2. That would assume that Mr. Gold is typing. It is quite possible to dictate to a machine.

  3. I rather like the stuttering text. Gives the mental image of a little mouse tucked away into a corner. Squeaking ever so faintly, yet still attempting to obtain some manner of purpose amongst the screaming surrounding it.

    Hello, Xander. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

  4. Couldn't have said that any better than Nightscream did.

  5. Man, you guys seriously need to step off this poor guy. He's just trying to... what are you trying to do again? What is this blog even for?

    Is October at least hot? You should fuck her. That'd give you some actual interesting content.

  6. As I recently pointed out on Konaa's blog I think you may have been premature in your declaration of his death. They never found the body and the kid always seemed to be operating under some sort of enhanced troping field.

    Ben, having read you comments on here I envy you your ability to disbelieve. May you never have to learn the hard way as I did. And you Proxy fuckers, back off Xander or we'll see who winds up squeaking in the corner.

  7. Between the textual stuttering, and the fact that you managed to drop completely off the map after this? Do you really fucking think you're cut out for this... "project" of yours? Stick to reading blogs mate. Messenger does a half-way decent job. Yours is a mite sad in comparison.