Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Page - "The Affected"

I, uh, went and made a list compiling a...a lot of the people who have gone through or is still going through being Stalked. The list right now is

Seeking Truth/The Mystic - Zeke

Dreams in Darkness - Damien

Deja vu Dreamer - Alex

The Tutorial - M

Make it Count Celeste

White Elephants - Robert

Anomalous Data - Jay

Testing 123/Risk Death - Shaun

A Really Bad Joke - Maduin

A Hint of Serendipity/The Last Refuge of a Dangerous Man - Zero

Road to the Heavens - Amelia

What You Are In The Dark - Reach

The London Librarian - Ava

Time to Talk - Cathy

Get Your Game Face On Tony

The Eleventh Hour - Cynthia

Vivere Disce - Jean

Let Us Keep Living - Jeff

Si vis pacem, para bellum - Scott

Records of an Impossibility - AmalgamationSage

I Am Stardust - Hakurei Ryuu

A Wand and a Prayer - Kay

It's All David's Fault - AJ

Caligo Cotidie Ray, Lucian

Operation Wintergreen - Arkady, Kalias, Michenab, Setoth

23 Seconds - Zach, Lyle, Richard, Suze, AlexElliott, Walter, Richard

Take the Myth - Elaine

Something to Leave Behind Konaa

Return to Slender - SpencerDocAmandaSteeleToddSamAugust

The Bright Conundrum - Hylo

The Morning Hunter - Morningstar

This Is Not A Blog - Lucas, Joel, Joshua

11 Minutes to Midnight - Mitch

No Pressure = No Diamonds - Lis, BlakeTia

My Half of Life - Atalanta

The Jade Rabbit - Opal

Obscured Camera - Michael

Be Wary of These - Dia

A Lifetime of Laughter - A

People who are bolded are still known to be alive and fighting. People, ah...who aren't bolded are ones either thought or confirmed to be dead or MIA. So...yeah. That's the list.

Once I find more people  I'll add them in...


  1. Nick, Ryuu, Kay, and AJ are all still alive, so far as we know. AJ and Nick have been active lately, and Mitch confirmed Ryuu's status recently.

  2. Oh! Thank you, Elaine. Ha..I didn't think people would stumble across this that fast.

  3. You linked me. I check that stuff daily.

  4. Also you missed Joshua, he's the kid we took in. :)

  5. Interesting... nice list, I'm always looking for more people to investigate.

    See you around

    (Also enable anonymous, its a pain to sign in on a public computer.)

  6. Whoa, being noticed enough to make it onto someone's list or... something. Buh. That's interesting. Hi, there.

  7. This list is hopelessly insufficient. Even trying to give you a list of ones I know of that you don't have here is overwhelming. Do you have any of the Wordpress ones?